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Date of Visit:07/03/2018
Time of Visit:14.00
Spent time:2 hours
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:Mia is a stunningly beautiful lady - and this is natural beauty (look at her selfie pictures for a true representation). Added to this she has a lovely smile and a genuine sense of humour, it was good to laugh with her. She has a desire to please and believes this is the priority in her meetings. She is perhaps a little expensive, but I feel it is money well spent. Mia has an amazing body which is perfectly proportioned, and her olive skin colour is again perfect. All in all she takes great care and pride in her appearance. She is also a very intelligent lady and you can have a meaningful conversation with her - although sometimes words get misunderstood in translation. It was flattering to hear her say that she would be very, very happy if she opened her door and saw me waiting to be invited in. I would love to see her again if the opportunity arises and she is still in London.