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Escort:New Erika
Date of Visit:09/25/2017
Time of Visit:7pm
Spent time:1 hour
Her level of service:3 out of 10
General comments:Lets be clear this girl is absolutely beautiful. There is no adjustment to these pictures, she is probably the best looking girl I have ever seen, let alone met as an escort. Before I start, I am meticulous in my grooming and my personal hygiene, in every respect. What lets her down is the fact she is so mechanical. She wants to dictate everything by trending she wants to give you some great experience but just wastes as much time as possible just talking. There is no DFK, in fact she avoids it. She is far from adventurous and incredibly clinical. She wanted to do covered BJ, and I said I wanted OWO and she then got the wipes out (to give you an instant droop) after I had just showered. That lasted about 30 seconds and she just got some gel and got on the hand pump. It was such a perfunctory action that I was thinking about whether to just leave. If she felt uncomfortable then just ask me to leave, not that it has ever happened. If you want to look at someone and get off on her beauty then she is perfect. As I said you will be bowled over by her beauty. If you want GFE she try Caroline, Lucia, Amanda, Lena etc. If Erika learns to provide that level of service this girl could be dangerously expensive.