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Dominatrix services fall under the broad category of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism& masochism).


Domination services cater to people who are turned on by a woman's body, strength and sternness. For the few who like a little pain to accompany their pleasure through bondage, spanking and role playing, flagellation and erotic torment. It is no wonder that very few people participate and do so in private.


The art of domination has existed for several centuries, commonly associated with females who act as the dominant and the man the submissive. But the roles can also be reversed. In most cases nowadays, it is the man who plays the submissive role.

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Domination is a whole new world to most people and only a few have mastered this art. Like most things related to sexuality, it requires time and practice; hence the existence of services with women familiar with and well-trained in the art of domination. They are not necessarily escorts.  In fact, many of their encounters do not end with sexual intercourse. Domination can be verbal.


So it is important to be clear on what you desire before you contact ladies offering these services. As aforementioned, some ladies are not open for sex. Read the woman's profile to know how far she is willing to go and what she is best at.


Domination is very challenging as different men enjoy different things. Safety is also important. Understanding the rules to this is equally important. So, if you are willing to dip your toe into this exciting new world, here are some few things you should know:


  • Safety first

Domination and submission means there will be some pain; however it is crucial to know your limits. Serious health issues such as heart problems, asthma and spinal problems must not be ignored. Domination largely depends on the element of surprise and it might turn fatal should you have a heart attack while tied up. Start small

If it is your first time, do not dive into dangerous things like using sharp objects or chocking. This may overwhelm you.


Blonde from London


  • Follow instructions!

Do not touch her even though she may be in sexy lingerie. If you refrain, she will reward you. That is the whole concept. Pain and pleasure.

If tells you to kneel to bow before her, do not hesitate. It may seem degrading at first, but it will be worth it in the end. Oh, address her as mistress.


  • Relax, don't panic

You have to trust her. You may be naked and tied up but it is important not to panic. Embrace the feeling of vulnerability.


  • Have a safe word

Yes! You know this if you have watched Fifty Shades of Grey. If you haven't watched it yet, a safe word is a word that you say and everything comes to a stop. Dominants will not stop if you cry, tell them to stop or say please. It is important because as the word suggests, it is to keep you safe. Maybe you may feel dizzy or suffocated by the ropes. Say the safe word and everything will come to a halt.


You don't want your first experience to end in an emergency room after all, do you?


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