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Before you become an escort, you must do a lot of research so that you understand the benefits as well as the disadvantages. In this article, we give you both sides so that you make a decision with a clear mind and knowing most of the facts.

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Good earnings: Many people chose to become escorts because of money. Depending on your energy, a girl can meet as many clients as she wants. And with every booking, she gets paid. Most rates are usually per hour,and payments are made before the meeting thus preventing the client from refusing to pay for the services.


Meet diverse people: With every encounter, the girl meets new customers all who require different needs. This, in turn, prevents boredom whichtends to occur from meeting the same people or doing the same thing. She can also use the opportunity to network and better understand the needs of a client.


Flexibility: Escorts set their own time. They decide when they want to meet a customer and can even decline men that they don't want to see. Some can even refuse low paying jobs. The flexible schedule means free time which allows the girls to pursue their hobbies or even attend part time classes.


Over-the-top life: The biggest attraction to escorting is the lavish lifestyle. Successful escorts charge high rates and clients will always be willing to pay for their services. They get dressed up to attend high profile events or go on dates to luxurious restaurants or hotels.  Some men even give the girl expensive gifts some of which they cannot afford if they were doing a regular job.


Some of the disadvantages of becoming an escort include:


Privacy: It is hard to tell your family members what you do as some may view the job in a negative way. The negative stigma most times makes escorts not to be respected. You also have to keep personal information about your clients a secret; which means even when you see them on the streets you cannot act as if you know them.


Safety: Most people shy away from becoming an escort because of the risks and danger involved. Meeting new clients especially for overnight services puts you at risk as you don't know the full intentions of that person. Of course, this doesn't often happen as most company nowadays screen customers to detect any potential threat.


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Just like any other business, there are pros and cons to becoming an escort. However, the choice will depend on the life you want and the benefits of that particular job.


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