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Kylie (10 review) review 1

Ladies name:Kylie (10 review)
Date of Visit:23/02/2011
Time of Visit:9pm
Duration of Visit:1hr
Ladies attractiveness:9 out of 10
Her look:
Comments on her appearance:Pretty much exactly as the pictures show, only she seemed slightly younger and sweeter in person. Maybe it was the cute freckles that have been airbrushed out. Incredibly tight, fit body. Lovely smile and a great attitude. Her English, by her own admission isn't the best and we had some quite interesting conversation using her incredibly cute technique of using French to fill in the blanks.
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:Unfortunately a mixup with the agency could have got this meeting off to a terrible start. I was told 21.00, she was told 22.00. I was waiting in the corridor outside her apartment for 10 minutes looking like a plum. I requested 2 hours, was told she could only do 90 minutes, but in reality she could only do 60. So, not the best of starts. However, these things happen and Kylie was most apologetic and embarrassed by the situation. She quickly made me forget all about the awkward start however. She's a great kisser and got things going pretty quickly given our new time contraint. Nice OWO too. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the biggest guy. Pretty average. But she somehow made me feel bigger. A rather nice sensation. Then onto the bed for some DATY. Fantastic. Very responsive. She's either a great actress or was genuinely impressed by my technique. Then a quick switcheroo and round one was finished after she told me to CIM. After a fairly quick recovery chat we were into 69 and then some very energetic CG and deep doggy for the end. She's brilliant and I really would have liked a longer appointment to enjoy her more. I have to say, she reminds me quite a bit of Emma, another girl I took a chance on when she had no reviews. Both do the sweet but dirty girlfriend routine perfectly. These two would make a great duo actually, but most men might just spontaneously combust. What a way to go though... And on a final note, this is the first time I have ever had a booking issue with this agency, so hopefully it's just a one off incident.
Kylie (10 review)