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Escort:Mia(9review)Top Girl
Date of Visit:10/27/2017
Time of Visit:16:30
Spent time:1.5 hours
Her level of service:10 out of 10
General comments:Having never hired an escort before and explaining this to the Agency, they politely suggested that I should consider booking Mia who they thought she would best suit my needs. Whether the Agency told Mia about my inexperience I don't know as on the day but on the day I was greeted by a beautiful Russian woman who was immaculately dressed. I was invited in, offered refreshments and made to feel comfortable as I was a little nervous it has to be said. After a brief shower, Mia started with a massage and from there she gently eased me into the physical side of our encounter. Mia is a very passionate woman, exceptionally gifted between the sheets and clearly takes pride in her job, she worked very hard to ensure that I enjoyed myself and coaxed out of me the sort of sexual performance that I didn't think I was capable of. I had been completely seduced. The point that I'm trying to make is that I left walking on air and I guess that is the point of all of this, so job very well done.