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Amanda(50 review) Amanda(50 review) Amanda(50 review) Amanda(50 review) Amanda(50 review)
Amanda looks so innocent yet she is one of the naughty Girls Next Door who has gone wicked! A warm, friendly and fun character inside a lovely slim figure. Services Offered: A(extra 50), CIM, DFK, GFE, OWO, Role play, Toys, Uniforms.

4 Reviews on
4 Reviews on
Name:Amanda(50 review)
Age: 27
Orientation:Bi (duos with Lena)
Dress size:8
Girl is available: Incall and Outcall
Main location: Paddington
Locations: Paddington
Services: CIM + CIF + OWO + COB + GFE + Party + A-level + DFK + Toys + Uniforms + Domination + Watersport + 69 + Massage + Striptease + Lapdance + spanking giving + Fetish + Couples + Duo with girl + Bicurious
This girl listed in: Blonde models + A-level escorts + From 180+ + Best service + All escorts
Duration Incall Outcall
1 hour: £200 £250
1.5 hour: £300 £350
2 hours: £350 £400

Amanda(50 review) review by Kay

Amanda50 review Finally got to see Amanda for the first time, and it was worth it! Amazing woman, great laugh, brilliant personality and the service was all that i had hoped for.

Amanda(50 review) review by walter

Amanda50 review my 42nd time seeing the super awesome and super beautiful Amanda :))))))) my favourite girl :))))))) yet again 3 brilliant hours :))))))) in my eyes she is definitely the best escort :))))))) its always really awesome with her fantastic sex and just such a...

Amanda(50 review) review by C

Amanda50 review would have given Amanda 15 out of 10 but I havn't got there yet. Amanda is a very special lady. So special that she actually cares. That is why I just love to see her and do for her what she likes as much as for my own benefit. I have been seeing Amanda fo...

Amanda(50 review) review by carcrashkev

Amanda50 review saw amanda a few months back. i usually go for a bustier lady but not at work at the time. amanda was great. excellent english. very friendly. owo dft all good. a good gfe all round. enjoyed a good pounding. really nice girl

Amanda(50 review) review by jdt

Amanda50 review I saw Amanda over a year ago and, since then, had been dying to book her for a duo with Lena. My dream finally came true and boy was it amazing! After a quick shower, we cracked opened a bottle of fizzy and got briefly reacquainted. This soon led on to won...

Amanda(50 review) review by The Beautiful One

Amanda50 review A visit to Amanda is always a delightful affair. This girl is true professional - no phones anywhere near the action (other girls take note) and she always gives 100% in her effort to ensure you are completely satisfied. What's more she's also very frien...

Amanda(50 review) review by CharityCharity John

Amanda50 review I have seen Amanda over several years and keep going back because in my view there are few babes who compare with her looks and performance. She loves attention and care and responds so well to someone gives as much as they take. She has a beautiful body, ...

Amanda(50 review) review by Jay

Amanda50 review Fit

Amanda(50 review) review by Paul

Amanda50 review Amanda is absolutely marvellous. skin like silk, very very sensuous technique. Very chatty natural girl, great to spend time with, and what a delicious bod ! thanks kiddo, hope to see you again soon.

Amanda(50 review) review by David

Amanda50 review First visit to Amanda and I'll definitely be back. I won't go into details, but we both finished up very happy! Thanks Amanda.

Amanda(50 review) review by Neil

Amanda50 review Amazing. I enjoyed every minute especially the kissing amongst other fantastic experiences. I have already booked for Tuesday.

Amanda(50 review) review by Anthony

Amanda50 review Amanda has such a high reputation I was initially a little surprised until I began to understand the subtlety of her skills. The greatest feature of her technique is that she slowly but surely wins you over to realising not only the extent of her Sexual...

Amanda(50 review) review by HenryT

Amanda50 review Hoped to meet with Amanda and her friend Lena, who was ill that day. So Amanda soldiered on as a solo, and was fantastic! She had two O's, great OWO, DFK, the full package. Hard to beat Amanda!

Amanda(50 review) review by McGee

Amanda50 review My second visit to Amanda, still top dollar!!

Amanda(50 review) review by David

Amanda50 review OK - seen her 5 or 6 times since she first started and there is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said - Suffice I am old and wise enough to know what I'm doing. Seen her alone and three times as a duo - Suffice she has blossomed into an enchantin...

Amanda(50 review) review by John

Amanda50 review I last met Amanda about a year ago. I remembered how fantastic it was last time and wondered if it would be as good as I remembered. I needn't have worried. Amanda is well named as Top Girl. She is sweet, passionate, delightful company and very very sexy. ...

Amanda(50 review) review by John

Amanda50 review Meeting Amanda was like meeting an old girlfriend. She was so very cute and sexy and did everything to please. She has a lot of very good skills when it comes to the s**, and then she also seemed to enjoy it a lot. A very passionate kisser which is a big t...

Amanda(50 review) review by Mike

Amanda50 review Amanda is incredible. She made me feel completely at ease. I really felt like I had spent and hour with a girlfriend. It wasn't rushed at all and we stayed chatting for a long while afterwards. She had a very talented mouth and tongue, the kissing was so ...

Amanda(50 review) review by Max

Amanda50 review Woooow! Just the best sex ever, cannot believe how good she was and the quality of her GF, honestly you leave thinking that she is actualy your GF and that you just have sex for the first time!!! She is a true artist!! Loved her so much... I'll be back soo...

Amanda(50 review) review by U

Amanda50 review I'd had a tough day and so, it turned out, had Amanda. Fortunately there's a cure to that sort of stress: vigorous physical activity. And we were able to help each other out.... My second visit to Amanda but after a completely incomprehensible gap of al...

Amanda(50 review) review by Joe

Amanda50 review Great all round experience, all services presented willingly. Not a clock watcher, over ran by quite a bit as we were enjoying ourselves so much.

Amanda(50 review) review by Londoner

Amanda50 review Amanda is great to talk to. She aims to please and knows exactly how to please you sexually. I fully enjoyed my time with her.

Amanda(50 review) review by Gold Wasser

Amanda50 review Such a hero.

Amanda(50 review) review by Mcgee

Amanda50 review She's a really nice girl.

Amanda(50 review) review by Sunny

Amanda50 review Highly recommended. Nice OWO. Nice Girl on the top. Perfect doggy she was very involved and make you feel relaxed. See u again soon

Amanda(50 review) review by Sam

Amanda50 review Amanda is out of the world. She treated me very well, just like a true GF would, with lots of eye contact, amazing DFK and the best OWO and CIM in the world. She just kept going and I exploded in her mouth. The s** following this was great too. I dined at...

Amanda(50 review) review by RANJIT

Amanda50 review Warm, welcoming and friendly. Having nearly slipped and cracked my head open on a wet bathroom floor, and being in quite a nervy state, not having been to an escort for a long while, I was made to feel quite at ease and at hOme, which is very important on ...

Amanda(50 review) review by RANJIT

Amanda50 review Surely among the hottest chicks In town - a captivating mix Of girlish sweetness, and somewhat… Well let’s just say she’s ****ing hot - This isn’t putting it too strong: .

Amanda(50 review) review by Wanna Bee

Amanda50 review Since I boooked her together w Lena, I was not soo impressed w Amanda compared to Lena. Looking to reviews maybe one should meet Amanda solo to see the real gem in her :). Overall service was OK as expected, but nothg extraordinary.

Amanda(50 review) review by Mr Boombastic

Amanda50 review Hello peeps Mr B here. Had an amazing time with Amanda. Simply the best.

Amanda(50 review) review by Paul

Amanda50 review I came out of the appointment hitting my own balls (so to say). Why on earth did I not see Amanda before when she first hit the scene ? Loosing some two years of opportunity to see this gem of a gem lady is one’s great regret. It is difficult to write an...

Amanda(50 review) review by Jack

Amanda50 review This is third time I've seen Amanda and she just gets better and better. A superb all round visit and confirmed that she is the best girl in town. Sweet, intelligent and VERY good at what she does. Treat her with respect please gentlemen as she is rare fin...

Amanda(50 review) review by Andrew

Amanda50 review Excellent level of services, OWO to CIM and WS was a must! great kisses and sucker!

Amanda(50 review) review by Freddie

Amanda50 review Very fun, relaxed and sexy. Shame I have to share her with others....

Amanda(50 review) review by Jack

Amanda50 review There is nothing that I can say about Amanda that has not already been written. AMAZING oral skills. Very keen to please. Enjoys all positions and techniques. Amanda is a genuinely sweet girl and deserves the utmost repect. Treat her well gentlemen and you...

Amanda(50 review) review by Stevieb

Amanda50 review What can I say? Amanda is simply amazing. She is a beautiful young woman who manages to make your dreams come true even if only for an hour. I have seen a lot of girls over the years from various agencies such as Maxes Angels, Bunnies, A beautiful Amore et...

Amanda(50 review) review by chinadentist

Amanda50 review Services are simply the best of all blonde girls I've ever had. I am a rather picky person. But she is just perfect, I can't complain absolutely nothing. Thank you so much amanda. Look forward to seeing you again

Amanda(50 review) review by Stevieb

Amanda50 review Have seen Amanda before and she is wonderful. Fun to talk to and very sexy. I won't go into details but I will simply say Amanda is a very special girl. One day some guy she settles down with is going to be a very lucky man!!! Treat her well because she d...

Amanda(50 review) review by Mark c

Amanda50 review This girl is in a league of her own. I never thought i would say this but i think they have priced her up wrong!!!! Should be £200-£250 at least . The level of service is !!!! you know what i don’t even know where to begin.. PSE,GFE,and every fu***ing ...

Amanda(50 review) review by Bob

Amanda50 review I know 20/20 sounds ridiculous but it was unhurried, she has a talented mouth, and was up for exactly what I wanted. In terms of atmosphere, started with a warm welcome and got better. Enjoyable company in many ways.

Amanda(50 review) review by mark7

Amanda50 review If Sex and beauty were a grain of sand, she would be the Sahara i need to say more???? thank you x

Amanda(50 review) review by Luce

Amanda50 review I met Amanda a few times and still not enough. She looks amazing every time when I'm in London I ask only about Amanda can be found a better girl.

Amanda(50 review) review by chris

Amanda50 review all i wanted served up top marks

Amanda(50 review) review by Mark

Amanda50 review Like one of the previous reviews, I had not realised what a "GFE" actually was until I met Amanda. She is simply wonderful. I have had the most fantastic hour, thank you Amanda, you are very special and I cannot wait to see you again. xxx

Amanda(50 review) review by Stephen

Amanda50 review She is everything I love in a woman. Beautiful, sexy, funny and petite. Nothing fake. Nothing to hide. She is real and genuine with a great laugh. She is my little supergirl and I cannot wait to get back here to see her again.

Amanda(50 review) review by Nigel

Amanda50 review I can't believe that those 2 hours actually happened, what a fantastic girl, beautiful from top to toe and a wonderful sensuous, caring and fun personality to boot. I'm so envious of the lucky man who she eventually chooses to settle down with. At least I ...

Amanda(50 review) review by Luis

Amanda50 review Great service, and pleasant to talk to. Had great time with her. Would repeat anytime if I go back to London again. Be gentle to her.

Amanda(50 review) review by Alan

Amanda50 review A perfect performance by a very sweet and beautiful youing girl, who would do whatever you ask for - a real gem ! I have tried several times to see her becuase of her look and excellent reveiwes, but she is a student and is not always available; highly rec...

Amanda(50 review) review by Luke

Amanda50 review Great BJ - and enjoyed CIM until final twitch. She is very tight with a-levels but happy to try any position

Amanda(50 review) review by chris

Amanda50 review beautiful blonde girl, a little shy, deepowo with lots of tongue and eye contact. for me OWO, FK, sunk into well used A-levels. perfect blonde

Amanda(50 review) review by M

Amanda50 review So the gfe is real and true!!! I don't want to to divulge the intimate details, but i got the impression Amanda enjoyed herself as much as i did! I felt a real connection with her mentally as well as physically. Whether this was a real connection or not is...

Amanda(50 review) review by Alanconda

Amanda50 review Amanda is an amazing, beautiful, sexy girl with a body to die for, she also has a fantastic sense of humour. I don't think you could get any better, the best GFE, thanks Amanda for a great 90 mins it went far to quick. Looking forward to the next time and ...

Amanda(50 review) review by harry

Amanda50 review This a very nice young Polish girl from Gdansk. The best word for her is friendly. She tries very hard to provide a great experience for her customer, so I don't think you'll be at all disappointed. Give her a try!

Amanda(50 review) review by dee

Amanda50 review very friendly, excellent attitude, seems to enjoy what she does. hight recommended!

Amanda(50 review) review by Raj

Amanda50 review I thought that she had a terrific attitude - very keen to please and provided a good GFE. Her OWO needs some practice but she is keen to learn and did her best. Treat her with tenderness and respect and you will have an unforgettable experience. She is ...

Amanda(50 review) review by cameron

Amanda50 review Very obliging, providing a pleasant experience. She is an art student hence she is very good with her hands! Intelligent and lovely to talk to, she provides an excellent girlfriend experience.

Amanda(50 review) review by chris

Amanda50 review first class dressed as requested abd gave ALL services in a fantastic manor will book her again

Amanda(50 review) review by Charlie

Amanda50 review A great service.

Amanda(50 review) review by Stew

Amanda50 review Very interesting girl - no pretensions and no auto pilot. I like Amanda :) She has the most amazing lips (all!) and smells delightful. For me FK OWO 69 CIM. Great relaxing time and no sense of rush. x

Amanda(50 review) review by jay

Amanda50 review She enjoyed herself as much as i did. best oral and amazing sex. perfect partner

Amanda(50 review) review by peter

Amanda50 review fantastic relaxed and exciting encounter(s), with outstanding oral and adventurous excitement. As usual, treat her with warmth and respect, and you will be rewarded!

Amanda(50 review) review by Jake

Amanda50 review ***Jake's honest truth*** She's very special; lovely girl with a ready, sparkly smile and a positive attitude. Kissing was good although perhaps a little reserved, but the rest of the service was spot on. She's got a great oral technique, she's more than h...

Amanda(50 review) review by steve

Amanda50 review Amanda was very willing and tried very hard to ensure I had a good time. She deserves to be treated well. She appears quite shy, and nervous but a lovely girl.

Amanda(50 review) review by killer j

Amanda50 review Offered wine on arrival, smiles lots, likes to laugh and very friendly. Eager to please, and amenable to suggestion to help an old guy out! Had a nice chat after, perfect GFE!

Amanda(50 review) review by Headmaster

Amanda50 review She was well prepared for what she knew was coming. Amanda took her spanking Once her bottom was bright red and hot she also took my member all the way up her rear hole. The squeals of delight showed just how much she was enjoying it. All in all an excell...

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